Why do I need human hair extension ?
  • For women who desire long, flowing hair, but who do not have the time or the patience for growing out their own, they can integrate hair extensions into their existing locks for a quick solution. Hair extensions are incredibly popular and are extremely versatile. You will look so absolutely natural that no-one could tell you are wearing them. In fact, the popularity of human hair extensions has grown to such an extent that many celebrities are rarely seen without them. Most people choose to use them to lengthen or thicken their existing hair.
How do I take care of my hair extensions ?
  • Before and after each use, brush your GOSSIP hair extensions gently with a soft bristle brush. Make sure all knots and tangles are gone.
  • Wash your GOSSIP hair extensions gently with warm water. Apply a small amount of shampoo, rinse out shampoo thoroughly. Do not rub or twist hair.
  • Always apply heat-protecting spray when using hot tools (flat irons, curling irons, etc.).
What is the difference between 120G, 200G and 260G ?
  • The only difference is the weight. All GOSSIP hair extensions are made of the same quality hair 100% human Remy hair double drawn.
What is Remy human hair ?
  • Remy is considered the highest grade quality of human hair because the steps required to collect and process the hair is done with such care. Which has been collected from a donor or several donors with all the cuticles facing the same direction. The single direction nature of the cuticles is important because this minimizes tangling in the extensions.
How long do GOSSIP hair extensions last ?
  • GOSSIP hair extensions can last from 6-12 months depending on how you maintain them. It is very simple, the better you take care of your extensions the longer they will last.
I don't know what color matches with my own hair, is it possible to send a picture ?
  • Yes, please email a picture of your hair in natural lighting so we can help you.
Can I color, curl, straighten and style the clip-in hair extensions ?
  • Yes! As it is 100% human hair, it can be straightened, curled and colored darker. We just recommend not lightening them because bleach can severely damage the extensions.
What products can be used for GOSSIP hair extensions ?
  • Treat this hair just as if it was your own hair. Use good quality shampoo and hair conditioner to care the hair. It's important to keep the hair soft and shiny.
What is the double drawn ?
  • Double drawn hair undergoes an additional process during manufacturing. The shorter hairs are removed by hand and not by a machine. The alternative is to cut the human hair at the ends so that fullness remains the same from top to bottom. This significantly increases the quality of the hair extensions and provides for a more healthy full appearance of the hair extensions.
Is shedding normal ?
  • Yes like all extensions and our own hair, shedding is normal especially when you first receive your extensions.

How do I style my MAN-MADE GOSSIP Hair Extensions ?

STEP 1: You must make sure the heat tool you will be using is on the correct temperature. The recommended temperature is 350 degrees Fahrenheit for styling. If your heat tool does not have a temperature gauge, we recommend putting your settings on medium to low.


 STEP 2: To curl your GOSSIP hair, take 1" sections and curl around the barrel and hold for 10-15 seconds. Then slowly slide the hair off the curling iron and hold the curl on your palm or pin the curl together.


STEP 3: Once the hair is cool to the touch let go or remove the pin.


STEP 4: To straighten, just simply slide the flat iron, slowly down 1" sections starting from the root to the tip.